Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almaden Valley Property Management - San Jose

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The neighborhood of Almaden Valley in San Jose, CA, often referred to simply as Almaden, is located within the city of San Jose and is largely considered a bedroom community for San Jose area professionals and Silicon Valley executives.  Although not incorporated as its own city, the Almaden neighborhood is home to roughly 37,000 residents and, like the rest of Silicon Valley, is host to various high technology related operations.  For example, IBM’s Almaden Research Center is located in Almaden Valley.

Up until the 1970's, the New Almaden Quicksilver Mines were open and produced mercury that was used as far back as the California Gold Rush to aid in the gold extraction process.  Following the closure of the mines, the lands where the mines once operated were transformed into a county park managed by Santa Clara County.  Unlike many other cities, towns, and neighborhoods in the greater San Francisco Bay Area with a deep rooted history in the agricultural industries, Almaden Valley’s history is deeply rooted in quicksilver mining.  This is evidenced by some of the street names in the neighborhood, like Silver Lode Lane, which still stands as a testament to the neighborhood’s once thriving industry.

Largely considered an “upper middle class” area of San Jose, Almaden Valley in San Jose is highly sought after when it comes to looking for a place to live.  Owners of vacant property in Almaden Valley in San Jose, CA should count themselves as fortunate, because chances are they’re sitting on a goldmine of investment opportunity.  A vacant property in an area like Almaden Valley can be rented out for thousands of dollars a year and set up to produce regular disposable income on a near constant basis.  However, in order to be successful, property owners are highly encouraged to partner with an experienced Almaden Valley property management in San Jose company.  When they do, property owners will be able to sit back, relax, and let somebody else worry about the management of their property while they continue collect rent checks.

An Almaden Valley property management company will be able to guide the homeowner through almost every step of the management process, from finding and screening rental applicants to collecting back rent.  On their own, homeowners would be expected to handle all of the nuances of property management on their own.  While not technically prohibited, homeowners who do try to do the whole job of property management on their own often find themselves in over their head and without a lifeline.  When, on the other hand, homeowners who partner with a qualified management company will find that they have easy and immediate access to landlord / tenant dispute attorneys, legal investigators, maintenance workers, etc.  This is because management companies work hard to maintain affordable and effective relationships with dozens of qualified contractors to ensure the property owners they represent get the best deals on services possible.

For some, the idea of hiring a management company just seems too expensive, but most fears about cost are unfounded.  It is common within the property management industry to charge property owners only a small percentage of what the company collects from the tenant as rent.  This means that money is only spent on management services when money is collected from the tenant.

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